23 Jan 2013

Movement Research Workshop #6

Heidi Vierthaler and Juanjo Arques: Solos and Partnering

Heidi Vierthaler & Juanjo Arques in the creation of "Unsound"

This workshop is designed to enable the dancer to search for and develop his/her own personal movement vocabulary, through the process of creating solos  and duets.

A series of exercises and tasks will help to release the body, increase awareness, articulation, the importance of pathway, and surprise you with unpredictable initiations. The partnering work will focus on the importance of weight exchange, listening, and truly feeling the surface of your body as well as the other.

We like to encourage the individual to bring their personal dance history into the room, as well as being able to let go and  brake old habits that allows space for new information.

Heidi and Juanjo are excited about leading this workshop together, after two rewarding creations together, “Unsound” for Compañia Nacional de Danza and “Consequence” for The Dutch National Ballet. The fusion of their rich dance careers has encouraged them to explore and develop new ways of partnering. The dancers are triggered by partnering tasks and encouraged to make their own decisions as far as developing material.
Heidi and Juanjo will follow the flow of the room, and choices of the dancers,  to create spontaneous movement tasks. They will  teach movement phrases from their own personal repertoire  as a starting point and then encourage the dancers to go on with their own choices. The dancers will also merge their new solo material into duets and trios with other participants creating a stimulating atmosphere in the room!

During the workshop, dancers are made aware of repetitive movement patterns, good and bad habits, and transferring emotions into a rich physical language.

Movement Research Workshop #6

Location > Eerstnassaustraat 7, Amsterdam. Buzzer  “de Singel” see map
Date > 4th-8th of March.
Start > 12.00 - 17.00
Fee > € 220

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Look forward to seeing you there!

Heidi & Juanjo ;)

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