25 Sep 2012

UNSOUND by Juanjo Arques & Heidi Vierthaler

Juanjo and Heidi are collaborating in the creation of Unsound, a new ballet for Compañia Nacional de Danza that will premier in Madrid on 14th of November.

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Arques & Vierthaler chose a philosophical study of the actions/emotions realised daily                           by human beings as their motivational crux. ‘Relationships’ played a key part in the
movement conception, determined by a focus on opposites.

develop – regress
        freedom – boundaries
                    intimacy – distance
                                 communication – silence
                                                      selfless – selfish
                                                                    desire – repulsion
                                                                                    trust – betrayal

These difficult, yet familiar actions/emotions were elected as they determine sanity
of mind and physical comfort, as well as the trauma that mankind can bequeath.
Whether acknowledged or not, beneficial or otherwise – ‘relationships’ are what make
individuals feel alive and necessary, explored in UNSOUND through an unbounded

Choreography & Concept: Juanjo Arques y Heidi Vierthaler
Music : Gavin Bryars, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto, Andy Moor, Miguel Ángel Clerc
Light Design: Tatiana Reverto y Antonio Regalado Fernández
Set Design: Marc Koehler Architects
Video: Heidi Holkenborg
Assistant to the Choreographers: Charlotte Chapellier, Jose Carlos Blanco
Text: Matthew James Paluch

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